How an ex corporate exec turned coach made $123,000 in just six weeks - with no product and starting with a list of only 52 people. . .



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More Feedback from Raving Fans. . .

Michelle came to my first seminar in 2003;
now she's blown away with new ideas. . .

"Thanks to Adam, I now make money even when I sleep and using only 2 of his techniques I doubled my revenue. First, with the changes I made to my website my newsletter opt-ins have immediately gone up by 30%.

Second, I learned how to create a product and now sell it online, which doubled my revenue. Adam's techniques are easy to implement and made a big difference in my business."

Biba F. Pédron

"Adam, using the strategy you explained to me yesterday I’ve already generated over $1900 in new business today! Now I see how this strategy can help me quickly get the cash I need to grow my business. And it’s easier than I thought. Thank you!"

Tara Moore

"Before I took this workshop, I was struggling with several ideas for e-books and audio programs but I just didn’t know how to get started and how to narrow my ideas into one solid product.

Adam shared with us a simple, step-by-step system
to research, develop, create and market an info-product! Within two weeks of taking the training I used the process we learned in class to create my first e-book.

With my e-book I was able to generate students for my Family Coach Certification Training Program and made over $20,000 in November.

If you have ideas and inspirations but don’t know where to start, this training will give you all the information you need to get started making money doing the work you love."

Karen Curry

"If it wasn't for Adam I don't think I would be where I'm with my business because I really knew nothing about it - and that was just a year and half ago. And Just the other week I made $9,000 in sales in one week alone! And I owe a lot of this to how Adam has mentored me."

James Roche

"When I first started my coaching practice, I spent thousands of dollars on all the latest marketing programs and info-products and so I was armed with a lot of knowledge --but still didn't realize that a bit part of my problem was that I wasn't properly valuing the services that I provided.

Working with Adam brought me to a huge aha! moment, because he taught me how to package and place a higher numerical value on my expertise.

Once I implemented Adam's strategies, I began to confidently create quality products and programs that enabled me to raise my rates by 6x their original price, and convert a higher percentage of leads.

I finally have built the practice of my dreams and am now mentoring other coaches and solo professionals on how to do the same! It's been wonderful to finally contribute to the wealth of my family and to also spend more quality time with my three daughters and hubby Deric. Thanks Adam!"

Lisa Angelettie

"Thanks to Adam's program I was able to create my first info-product in a matter of days, instead of weeks. End result: last January I was able to take my whole family on a Caribbean vacation and check off the "Being kissed by a dolphin" of my life's to-do list -- magical! Thanks Adam!"

Boris Mahovac,

"About two years ago I met this amazing guy by the name of Adam Urbanski. He works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them build their businesses.

At first I wasn't sure what to make of Adam because he really seemed to know a lot of stuff and he had all this great advice for me.

I'd never met someone who was so knowledgeable about business and who was so willing to share his knowledge.

In October 2003 I attended my first two-day workshop with Adam and he BLEW ME AWAY. I learned more in those two days how to build my business than in all my years of research. To say it was incredible is an understatement. IT WAS LIFE CHANGING.

After Adam's workshop I started putting some of his ideas and techniques in place and my business has just taken off!"

Michelle Howe

"Adam, a little over a year ago I attended your Boot Camp, and while I was there I publicly declared I'd become a public speaker (You know this, Adam. . . it's on your MP3s!).

I now speak regularly at Marketing seminars across the country, and my info-product business is booming. My related revenue from online product sales has increased an astounding 93.9% since that first bootcamp. Thanks Adam!"

Mark Widawer

"Thank you for such a great workshop! At the risk of sounding “woo-woo”, I really like your energy! You are very kind in helping people make their own discoveries, as well as thorough and candid in sharing the breadth and depth of your wisdom and experience.

I felt your connection with each person in our group, your honesty in sharing what you believe is best for each, your willingness to meet the student wherever they were/are, you delivered what each person asked to receive from the session and your use of current real-world examples is truly helpful. Y

ou say what needs to be said; there’s great clarity in how you process thoughts and use the English language to express them. Not to mention that your sense of humor is a tremendous bonus – it’s always easier to take medicine when it’s coated with a little sugar!"

Lynn Scheurell

"I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on marketing workshops and materials yet I was still confused, going round in circles and very frustrated.

Adam's techniques were simple and direct and by the end of the second day of the bootcamp, I very clearly was able to see what I needed to do.

By the following week I had recorded a new concept and the six minute CD series was born. Adam's bootcamp was worth at least twice the cost plus it was fun.

If you really want to go to the next level and want to get a jump start the bootcamp is an absolute must to attend."

Hazel Palache

"I made so much money in one weekend that I took 3 months off! Yes, you heard right. After implementing just one idea that I learned from Adam's workshop I made over $100,000 in one weekend!

That is more than I made the previous 2 years combined. Adam is a marketing genius! All you have to do to grow your business is to do whatever he says and act at the speed of instruction. Thank you Adam for sharing your money making knowledge!"

Arvee Robinson

Monica got a step-by-step business building process she can use. . .


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